Struggle and success 

Struggle is born with humans . Struggle of walking, talking,food etc is started from a man’s born.

Struggle is a main part of humans life. It is in everyone’s life whether persons is he or she , rich or poor,child or old .

Some people do avoid or ignore struggle but these type of people’s are not go ahead . They spent life silently and passed away.But the humans who struggles become successful and lighted their name.

Sometime peoples do too much struggle but they can’t be successful because of the wrong direction.They are struggling in wrong direction so every people has to recognize their right way.

Hence to be successful it is essential to do struggle and in right direction.

Struggle is essential for person to survive in life.

We have to take every struggle as a task and don’t give up till it’s ended.

Every human is incomplete without struggle.

Without struggle human is just like a journeyer who Knows his destination but don’t know his way

So don’t fear from struggle ,face it and be a successful human.

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Things you should do when you feel negativity

  1. Every type of persons feel negativity in their daily routine. its normal but sometime its excess is much harmful  to them and they choose a wrong way so there are some steps you should follow when you feel negativity.
  2. Stop whatever you are doing which causes negativity. change the topic or work and do something new which gives you joy.
  3. Stop thinking about your failure and unfulfilled desires sometime it causes of negativity.
  4. Whenever you feel negativity think about your positive thoughts, your achievements, your small success and about the things which gives you joy&pleasure.
  5. Change your mind in other direction do whatever you like
  6. do your hobbies like writing, singing ,painting etc. it will consume your whole negativity and free your mind.
  7. Get motivated by any method like watching motivational videos, inspiring movies like Chak de india, gravity , martian, pursuit of happiness etc there ia lot of movies which fill you with full inspiration.
  8. Go out for picnic or spend time with your friends, family, and relatives which you like mostly and share your problems. they will surely help you
  9. most step is find the root of problem which causes negativity and try to solve it . This step is gives you permanently peace.
  10. listen music it will keep your mind refresh.

live your life.

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Self motivation is much needed to survive in present time.we seen in our daily routine that most of man are filled with negativity.the environment of around us made of negativity.So there is high  chances to become negative.So fight with negativity we have to increase positivity . And for increasing positivity self motivation is must needed.we all need to motivated regularly. There is various things to motivate yourself but this motivation is for a little time after that negativity come back.So we need a permanent weapon to fight with negativity and it is self motivation.Now what is self motivation?. In simple words its  a art to motivate yourself inside from have to try motivate from all around of have to motivated from your thinking, your working ,seeing the world and from your daily life.if we leave dependency on others for motivation then its time to your self motivation. So try to be A self motivated person. Good luck and thank you to read it.      

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